TW37 Tweeter.

High efficiency 3,7 cm (1,45")



The choice of a piezo electric tweeter was made because it is for us a very interesting solution when well implemented, and it complements our wide range units for several reasons : very light paper mobile mass provides speed ( 40 kHz ) with richness translating to well restituted harmonics. High impedance also reduces interaction with the wide range unit below, hence providing greater reliability ... Our tweeters are available with or without crossover, in pairs.

High efficiency
3,7 cm ( 1,45" ) high frequency driver, paper cone, SN12 lead-free bronze basket, steeply high-pass filtered at 11 kHz and reaching to over 30 kHz.

Each driver part is thoroughly controlled and measured all along the manufacturing process. Each driver is put through an intensive pre-running and then measured in order to match pairs. These matched drivers are then numbered and provided with a lifetime warranty ( first owner ) .


Piezo electric
Paper cone Ms = 0,07 gr
Response = 10 kHz - 30 kHz
dB = 98
Fs = - 50 db at 3 khz
Power = 25 W rms
Z = 70 Ohm
D = 37 mm


hole diametre = 51 mm
3 screws ø 4 x 120°
on r = 35
Net weight = 0,420 kg
Packed weight = 1 kg




These values are indicative only and are representative of typical measurements in our anechoic chamber. One should always keep in mind that the naturalness of reproduction, balance and musicality cannot be described by those measurements and only partly derive from them.
For improving performance and manufacturing quality, Phy-HP reserves the right to make changes in specifications